When visiting our site you may notice big smiles and happy faces, every time, all the time.  We often get asked, “are you really this happy all the time?” The answer is generally yes, even though in the winter the smile might just be frozen in place (has been known to happen in the past), but we’re still happy to see you!  Our smiles start from the top down. Our bosses have infectious smiles and personalities that you notice first and foremost. They have a passion to serve that passes on down through the employees to our customers.  They do their best to keep us happy and smiling, and who wouldn’t be happy with leaders like that?

We also love to play pranks on each other, a lot! If you come in to the store and see us with tears streaming down our faces from laughing so hard, that could be why.  One thing we like to do is lock the glass door between the self serve car wash and outside and run and jump on the bell hose if our gas attendant is washing bays in the carwash.  As soon as they hear the bells ringing they are RUNNING at full speed from the carwash to the gas pumps, that locked door is quite the speed bump. Nobody has ever gotten seriously hurt but there have been many face prints left behind 😉

We keep all our hilarious stories in a book, because yes, hilarious things are happening all the time around here.  A few years ago, one of our gas attendants went to McDonalds on her break. A few minutes later she called, she ran out of gas IN the drive thru. We were howling, she’s been pumping gas all day but forgets to fill up her own car! She got out of her car in her Shell uniform and asks the person in line behind her to help push her car out of the way, what a way to make an impression! She still works here and we never let her forget it.

We are a tight knit family, I think its one of the special things about working here. We’re not just employees and coworkers, we’re friends.  We plan movie nights, we go snowboarding, we spend time with each other outside of work and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Every summer we go to the boss’s cabin and have a lot of fun playing games, tubing and kneeboarding on the water, and bonding around the fire. A few of us have been around for quite a few years already and these are a few reasons why. We’ve been with each other through marriages, babies, happy times and sad times.  It’s so great coming to work knowing you don’t have to hide who you are, these people all have your back. Are you ready to bring in an application already? You should be!