Winter is here and it’s important for you to be prepared! Below are just a few things we have here at Super Splash in order to help you for all your winter outings:


Lock De-Icer – Very useful for unfreezing frozen locks

Windshield washer fluid – Remove frost and ice from your windshield with our -45 De-Icer Washer Fluid.

Extension Cords – Keep your block heater warm overnight for easier starting in the morning

Windshield Scrapers – Get the ice and snow off of your windshield for clear visibility as you drive

V-Power Diesel – V-Power Diesel is formulated specifically for “year-round Canadian weather conditions”. Read more here: Shell V-Power Diesel

Diesel 911 – Used for winter emergencies, Diesel 911 helps restore fuel flow to the engine due to gelled up diesel fuel.

Booster cables – Always useful to have on hand in these cold conditions


Wherever your journey takes you over these winter months make sure that you are prepared! Go Well