Each year we hold a fundraiser in November in support of Southeast Helping Hands. It is called “Angelica’s Angels” and is done and to support one of our staff and the memory of her child. Here are a few comments from Tamara:


Q: Why do you do this project every year?

A: I do it in memory of my daughter Angelica who passed away 10 years ago as an infant.

Q: How does this help you personally?

A: It helps me heal and helps keep the memory of her alive.

Q: What do you receive out of this?

A: Seeing the people at Southeast Helping Hands faces with joy and gratitude as I open the back of my van and it’s filled to the roof with baby supplies. Just knowing the people receiving these items have more joy and gratitude when receiving the items. It makes my heart full knowing that I’m helping people in their time of need.


Thank you so much for all your support! Together, we raise over $1500 which translated into 6 boxes of pull ups, 20 boxes of diapers, 12 boxes of wipes, 15 containers of rash cream, 12 cans of formula, 120 jars of baby food, 49 boxes of baby cereal and 24 containers of Gerber puffs.