Meet Michelle!

It might be awhile until you see her here at Super Splash, considering that this week; she and her husband added to our growing number of “super splash babies” with a beautiful baby boy!  But in all honesty, it probably won’t be too long…Michelle and her kids (2) love to come visit when they are out running errands and just cannot resist popping by to say hi!

Michelle is one of the most caring and hard working people you will ever meet, all while balancing it [oh so well] with a great sense of humour.  She knows just how to make you feel special; no matter if you have worked with her for years (like many of us have), or if it is your first time coming in to Super Splash.  She is constantly making sure that your interior is as clean as possible before your keys are handed to you, is always running outside to give our gas attendant a hand so that your vehicle is filled as quickly as can be, and she isn’t afraid to climb up on the back of your truck to wash out the box!

We miss her already, but are oh so happy for her and her new family of four!