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Angelica’s Angels

Each year we hold a fundraiser in November in support of Southeast Helping Hands. It is called “Angelica’s Angels” and is done and to support one of our staff and the memory of her child. Here are a few comments from Tamara:


Q: Why do you do this project every year?

A: I do it in memory of my daughter Angelica who passed away 10 years ago as an infant.

Q: How does this help you personally?

A: It helps me heal and helps keep the memory of her alive.

Q: What do you receive out of this?

A: Seeing the people at Southeast Helping Hands faces with joy and gratitude as I open the back of my van and it’s filled to the roof with baby supplies. Just knowing the people receiving these items have more joy and gratitude when receiving the items. It makes my heart full knowing that I’m helping people in their time of need.


Thank you so much for all your support! Together, we raise over $1500 which translated into 6 boxes of pull ups, 20 boxes of diapers, 12 boxes of wipes, 15 containers of rash cream, 12 cans of formula, 120 jars of baby food, 49 boxes of baby cereal and 24 containers of Gerber puffs.


Meet Michelle!

It might be awhile until you see her here at Super Splash, considering that this week; she and her husband added to our growing number of “super splash babies” with a beautiful baby boy! ย But in all honesty, it probably won’t be too long…Michelle and her kids (2) love to come visit when they are out running errands and just cannot resist popping by to say hi!

Michelle is one of the most caring and hard working people you will ever meet, all while balancing it [oh so well] with a great sense of humour. ย She knows just how to make you feel special; no matter if you have worked with her for years (like many of us have), or if it is your first time coming in to Super Splash. ย She is constantly making sure that your interior is as clean as possible before your keys are handed to you, is always running outside to give our gas attendant a hand so that your vehicle is filled as quickly as can be, and she isn’t afraid to climb up on the back of your truck to wash out the box!

We miss her already, but are oh so happy for her and her new family of four!

Super Staff – Jayden M

Jayden is one of our newer employees and he works evenings and weekends in the carwash. Jayden LOVES football and he plays for the SRSS Sabres team and is a wide receiver. Fun fact about Jayden is that he is our tallest employee and he also has the smelliest feet! Jayden’s favourite NFL team is Minnesota Vikings.

Super Staff – Cam

Cam is the man! He’s one of our evening cashiers and he also gets to pump gas on what happens to be the hottest, busiest days. Cam has a long flowing mane of hair that most girls here envy. He has one year of high school left and he is studying electrical.ย  Cam enjoys music and can play a number of instruments like guitar, drums, clarinet, tenor saxophone and the piano! He’s worked here for 2 years and has dreams of opening a coffee shop one day!

Super Staff – Abby

Hey everyone meet Abby! She’s our super sweet, heart of gold, car wash superstar! She has a huge love for animals and she prefers them to most people ๐Ÿ˜‰ She keeps things running smoothly in the automatic wash most days and during the school year she’s going to the U of M to study Animal Science. Abby is really great at taking new staff under her wing and showing them the ropes. She’s very patient and pays great attention to detail.


Super Splash Dance Crew

You’ve probably seen it by now because, yes, we’re amazing, but recently we joined up with BOSS Dance Academy for a little team building exercise! A huge thank you goes out to Bretton Selent for his patience and taking the time to teach us some new moves we didn’t know we had in us! It was so great to see some of our more experienced staff in a new light and watching our newer staff break out of their shells. ๐Ÿ™‚ Luckily none of our staff have quit working here to pursue a career in dance. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We’ve received so many positive comments from our customers and we’d love for you to keep them coming! Take a peek below and let us know what you think!

Customer Appreciation June 8!


Come see us on Friday June 8th for a day to celebrate you! Flash sales, free snacks, fun prizes!

Super Staff – Tamara


Mama T! Tamara has 4 boys and 1 dog and she’s worked here for over 10 years now with 3 maternity leaves in between. Don’t drink the water here, you’re almost guaranteed to get pregnant! She likes to clean, clean, and clean some more, she also has a dog. She is the master upseller and customers have told her she could sell ice cubes to an Inuit. Recently she started working full time (during the days) and will probably keep working here until retirement. Did we mention, she has a dog;)

Super Staff – Alyssa


Hey everyone, meet Alyssa! She’s been with us for about 2 years now and we’re not letting her go anywhere! She’s our full time morning cashier and part time babysitter to keep Wes in line. You’ll always see a genuine smile on Alyssa’s face and her warm presence will make you feel welcome here. She lives to serve both here and in the community and it shows, if you’re not already her friend you’ll want to be!

Super Staff – Ryder


Ryder is our guy up front pumping gas every morning! He’s always got a smile and is ready to strike up a conversation with everyone, the kid loves to talk. He’s been with us for almost a year now and if he’s doesn’t run out to greet you right away, he’s probably in the bathroom. (just jokes ๐Ÿ™‚ ) He eat, sleeps, breathes hockey and was a goalie for the Steinbach Huskies this last season. He is looking forward to going to fire college in the fall and we wish him the best!